expertanywhereintheworldwouldspeaktodayofJudaismorChris- tianitywith quite that combinationof force and freedom that Pipes

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Orientalism Reconsidered


allows himself about Islam, although one would have thought that a book about Islamic revival would allude to parallel and related de-

velopments in styles of religious resurgence in, for example, Lebanon, Israel, and the U.S. Nor is it likely that anyone anywhere, writing about materialforwhich, in his own words, "rumor, hearsay,and otherwisps of evidence" are the only proof, will in the very same paragraph alchemically transmute rumor and hearsay into "facts" on whose "multitude" he relies in order "to reduce the importance of each."

This is magic quite unworthy even of high Orientalism, and although Pipes pays his obeisance to imperialist Orientalism he masters neither

its genuine learning nor its pretense at disinterestedness. For Pipes, Islam is a volatile and dangerous business, a political movement inter- vening in and disrupting the West, stirringup insurrection and fanat- icism everywhere else.