The purpose of this page is to supplement the Glossary of Orientalisms with essays that explore themes, insights, and issues that arise from its various entries concerning the notion of Orientalism.  They are essays rather than "articles" for several reasons.  First, they are not published and have not been submitted to the review process that published articles normally receive.  Second, the individual essays are built from the research conducted to produce entries in the glossary and not on more extensive background literature surveys.  Third, essays are usually more personal and informal—perhaps a tad more humble.  Finally, there is in an essay less pressure to reproduce exact, standard forms for citations, as long as the citations still clearly lead the reader to the source cited.  It should be said that the larger goal of these essays is the same as that of the other sections of this website, that is to provide tools that facilitate the study of the notion of Orientalism.  Enjoy! 


Herb Swanson

September 2020


Essay Number One [pdf]


"Breakout: CORVID-19 and Orientalism," uploaded 3 April 2020.

This essay, under the rubric of "outbreak Orientalism," offers preliminary thoughts on the ways in which Western Orientalist prejudices against the Chinese impacts attitudes and behaviors toward the Great Pandemic of 2020.

Essay Number Two [pdf]


"Orientalism as an Ideology: the Utility of Said's Notion of Ideology for the Study of Orientalism," uploaded 19 June 2020.

This essay explores the utility of Edward Said's notion of ideology for the study of Orientalist ideologies and finds that his negative understanding of ideologies as being hurtful, false, and pernicious misrepresentations of reality actually functions as a useful and provocative guide for studying Orientalism.