Essays & Other Notes

The purpose of this page is to share relatively brief essays and other notes with users of this website.  I spend a good deal of time working on the Glossary of Orientalism, which has been an important learning opportunity for me.  What I want to do here is to share some of the things I am learning with users with the hope that some of my insights might be of use to others who are interested in the study of the notion of Orientalism—to the end that our world might be even slightly more just than it is today.  April 2020

Essay Number One [pdf]


"Breakout: CORVID-19 and Orientalism," uploaded 3 April 2020.

This essay, under the rubric of "outbreak Orientalism," offers preliminary thoughts on the ways in which Western Orientalist prejudices against the Chinese impacts attitudes and behaviors toward the Great Pandemic of 2020.

Essay Number Two [pdf]


"Orientalism as an Ideology: the Utility of Said's Notion of Ideology for the Study of Orientalism," uploaded 19 June 2020.

This essay explores the utility of Edward Said's notion of ideology for the study of Orientalist ideologies and finds that his negative understanding of ideologies as being hurtful, false, and pernicious misrepresentations of reality actually functions as a useful and provocative guide for studying Orientalism.